How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

  • Know what types of disasters or emergencies are most common in your area.
  • Put together a family emergency kit including the essentials - Water (1 gal/per person/per day), batteries, first aid kit, 7 day supply of essential medications, canned food and manual can opener, NOAA Weather Radio, flashlights, whistle, rope, matches, multifunctional knife, extra clothing, blankets, copies of essential documents, phone numbers and cash.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your car too - Remember to keep your gas tank full.
  • Create an action plan with your family - Know where to meet, how to escape, local shelters and evacuation routes. Run a practice drill.
  • Don’t procrastinate - If authorities tell you to seek shelter or evacuate, do it!
  • Keep your radio on. Listen for updates and additional instructions.

For more information on building a personal disaster kit watch our tips video

Count on our Catastrophe Preparation and Claims Center to help you:

Claims Process During a Disaster:  The process for submitting a claim is the same.  During a natural disaster, we will work as quickly as possible to touch base with you and get your claim resolved. Based on the severity of your situation, you may be able to receive expedited payments.


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